*How many calls am I actually getting?

One of KJF Partners’ Principals is:
 “We are driven by our personal commitment to create value for our investors, teammates and brokers.”
To help fulfill that purpose, we send occasional emails to our broker partners with things that I have learned through my brokerage history or that I notice from the principal side of the business. The communications are short and the sole purpose is to help you to be successful. Here we go!
Most principals are not getting called nearly as much as you think they are or as often as they tell you they are! Like you, most principals don’t wish for unexpected phone calls from unexpected people trying to solicit business so, like you, principals may tell you things for the purpose of getting off of the call quickly. One of the things principals may say is that “I get called 15, 20, 50 (you pick the number) times per day/week about that property.” This response is generally intended to sidetrack you and stop you from making more calls to the principal. It can be very successful in stopping some brokers from making future calls. While there may be some principals that do get a lot of calls, most of us are not getting called incessantly, so keep dialing. With that said, set yourself apart, and make good calls. Callers that have a quick message that lets the principal know there will be value FOR them are the callers we will engage with. Be persistent about making your calls and creative about defining content that will be interesting and useful to your principals and your calls will lead to conversations that help build productive relationships.
Happy Hunting!
Joe Faris
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