*How to make it easy (for your clients)

One of KJF Partners’ Core Values is:

“We are driven by our personal commitment to create value for our investors, tenants, teammates and brokers.”
To serve our broker partners, we send occasional emails that focus on things that I have learned through my brokerage history or that I notice from my current role on the principal side of the business.

Brokerage is a very challenging business and making it convenient and efficient for your clients and prospects to work with you, or focus on the properties you’re marketing, increases your odds of getting the exposure you desire. Below are a few simple things to make life easier for your clients/prospects.

Make it easy for targeted prospects to get your Offering Memorandums and marketing packages .
In today’s digital age everyone is bombarded with email messages of every conceivable type; it’s very difficult to capture a prospect’s attention. However, when your marketing is creative or targeted intelligently to capture attention, make it easy for your potential client to take the next step. I get hundreds of emails each day and, when one captures my attention enough to want to take the next step, I appreciate being able to do so in one click. A clear example is that someone sends a well written email blast regarding a property they are trying to sell and, the email captures my attention; when I am able to click on a link and open a pdf file so I can easily review the OM and save the file it increases my engagement in the deal. Conversely, processes that require me to request a package fill out information to obtain the package or sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to obtain information for a property severely decreases my willingness to pursue the information. Every click or step that I’m forced to take, reduces the chances that I’ll conclude the process to obtain information. If you make it easy for your potential clients, you will get the desired information reviewed with maximum efficiency and increase your chances of success. Make it easy!

Send me your vCard.
Numerous times each week, I’ll request a broker’s vCard so that I can quickly, and accurately, add this contact into my database. This eliminates the time spent manually entering information and reduces the errors that occur with data entry if I get an email back without a vCard. Another example of simplifying things for your clients is when someone changes companies, send out the announcement of the move and include a vCard, so the new information can be updated with a couple of clicks. Make it easy!

Use your subject line wisely.
When we are working multiple items/deals together, it makes life so easy when I receive emails with a subject line that accurately indicates what the email pertains to. So often we respond to emails and don’t update the subject line. Later, when we try to find the email to reference the information, it’s difficult to locate the email that is relevant. Also, when you’re marketing your deals via email, be strategic about your subject heading. Most buyers do not spend time scanning every offering; we look at key information in your subject line to determine if it’s a viable deal for us to review. For me, the deal type or tenant and possibly the price are valuable to scan quickly. There are far too many offerings being emailed each day to think your prospect will open deals that don’t quickly fall into their buying criteria. Make it easy!

Let me know you’re working on it.
I received an email recently from one of our broker partners that simply said, “Joe, I don’t have the answer yet but, I’m working on it and expect to get back to you early next week.” In just a few seconds, the broker let me know the item was important, that he was working on it and when I should expect to hear something next. I really like it when someone reaches out to me to let me know the status of something, before I have to follow-up with them. Be proactive in your follow-up. Make it easy!

The above are just a few examples of practices you can incorporate that don’t take extra time but, make life easier and more efficient for your clients and prospects. Being intentional about the actions you take and, how they are received, allows you to make things easier for your clients and helps your business continue to grow.

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Happy Hunting!


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